Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will Splashball fit my basketball rim?

A: The Splashball unit will fit most basketball rims.  The unit is designed to fit the following rims:


Q: What should I consider when looking at my net to ensure Splashball will fit?

A: There are 2 factors to consider:

1. Location of the rim spring.  If your rim has a single spring in the centre it causes no concern.  Currently, Splashball will not fit double spring rims.

2. Location of the support bar welds. Picture below shows an ideal rim.


In this photo, the support bars are welded to the outer mounting base plate.  This outer mount gives Splashball room to sit between the support bars.  If the support bars are positioned in the middle of the rim, Splashball will not have room to fit.

 If you have more questions please email a picture of your rim to info@splashballbasketball.com.

Q: Will Splashball fit my Lifetime rim?

A: No. Currently Splashball is not compatible with Lifetime rims. Please continue to check in as one is COMING SOON.

Q: What if I want to replace my basketball rim so the Splashball unit will fit?

A: If you choose to replace your current rim please check the list of rims that are compatible with the Splashball unit.                                                                                 

Q: Can I dunk the basketball when I am using Splashball?

A: Dunking is not recommended for safety reasons as the Splashball unit could pose a contact hazard.

Q:  What is the best basketball to use during play?

A: It is recommended to use a  synthetic or rubber basketball. For best Splash effect a full size ball  (29.5 in) is ideal instead of a mini ball.