About Us

Our team believes in outdoor play and we encourage children and teens to be healthy and active. A much loved outdoor activity is basketball.  Splashball is a one of a kind water spraying device that attaches to your driveway basketball net. The attachment is easy to set up and keeps you cool on those hot summer days.  Connect your garden hose to Splashball and you are ready to play. Our team is aware of the impacts on the environment and so water conservation was important to us. The unit is equipped with a shut off valve so that water sprays only after a successful shot in the net. Our team also understands that nutrition and physical activity are equally important in a child's growth and development.  Too often screen time takes over play time and physical activity suffers.  We believe in protecting and promoting child wellness with fun physical activity to enhance social skills and improve overall health.

Whether you're already an excellent jump shooter looking to perfect your shot or a group of friends ready to engage in a competitive game, Splashball gives your 3-point shot that splash effect.

From the staring tip off, to the dribble and winning 3-point splash its cool to play Splashball.