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Inspiring Moments of Outdoor Play

Our founder Mark, first launched his idea while playing a summer game of basketball on his driveway with his youngest son.  They discovered that playing basketball was even more fun when you could stay cool on a hot summer day.  From here began a collaboration and the creation of Splashball.

Our mission is to inspire moments of healthy outdoor activity to protect and maintain health and fitness. We hope to inspire all children, teens and families to enjoy activity and outdoor play with a cool game of Splashball Basketball on your home court.

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"My son enjoys playing on this everyday. He stays out there for hours practicing his baskets. Worth every penny on a hot summer day. Water bill may go up due to daily usage but 👋 hey, he's HAPPY."

Mrs. Brooks

"I saw this on TikTok and I knew I needed it for my kids this summer. It’s a unique sprinkler idea and my kids have been coming up with different games to get each other wet. I was kind of confused as to whether or not it would work for our basketball rim so I messaged Splashball to ask and they got back to me that day to confirm it would work. Installation wasn’t bad. We got it from the box to splash in about 20 to 30 minutes with two not very handy people and a ladder. So far the kids love it!"

David C. Lafevor

"This has been a big hit with the neighbourhood kids today.
Was hot out earlier so put the sprinkler on and then they wanted to play 🏀 and I shocked the neighbour kids when I said I could hook this up (we are new here and hadn't had a chance to use it with them)"


"When I received my new “Splashball” in May, I was surprised by the weight of the box. I guess I didn't expect a toy to be as substantial as it is. Being an engineer, I was impressed by the quality of the unit and the ease of assembly as well as the documentation that came with it. The installation was simple and took 15 minutes.

I bought this with the hope of getting the kids back outside after a long lockdown and it does not disappoint. Every time the sun is shining there are kids playing basketball in the driveway. Looking forward to the rest of the summer."

Antonio Tersigni P.Eng..

"It does not fit all hoops. Took us a bit but we rigged it on and the kids love it. The lever that the ball hits to make the water come out should be bigger. You have to hit it just right"

Pam Cecava